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Day 288

October 25, 2012

Died trying to wake up to go to my 8AM. First time going to Bio in a long time.

Went to DOC Discussion and then got picked up by Kevin to go get my prescription and then Walmart to get things for tomorrow.

Had lunch at Shogun.

Came back and studied a little for Math, not really lol.

Took a nap and then headed to my Math Midterm, first midterm of college everrrr.

It was alright… LOL

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Day 287
October 24, 2012
Went to the Health Center and found out I had bronchial spasms? LOL.
Went to Price Center back and forth 8 times for interviews omg.
Hung out with Psychics. Then headed back to the suite to finish my podcast and study for math. 
Stayed up til 4 in the morning twerking and eating bread with Krystl, Christine, and Kim LOL.

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Day 286

October 23, 2012

Slept in until 12, and got lunch with Krystl.

Came back and did math homework.

Didn’t really do much the rest of the day. 

Went to Sixth College to talk to my girls.

Got back and Bryson came over. Played a game of Never have I ever and every time we’ve done something, we took a shot of water. First one to pee loses HAHAHA. Dumbest game ever.

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Day 285

October 22, 2012

Went to 8 AM. Went back and did some work.

Almost feel asleep in DOC like always. 

Headed to Bio discussion and realized that I have A LOT to study for fuhh. 

Went out to lunch with Kevin. Pho ftw.

Went home and did more work.

Got ready.

And died today.

Don’t even wanna talk about it. So bad.

Ran into Kevin at CVS later in the day. And just died crying. 

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Day 283
October 20, 2012
Woke up at 12:30 and was dying sick. Couldn’t breathe or anything. Bummed it to go to Pines. 
Stayed home and tried to write my DOC Paper. Big Bro came and delivered soup, orange juice, Dayquil, Nyquil, and Reeses :’) OMG SO SWEET.
Ended up just not finishing my DOC paper and working on sorority stuff.
Kicking it with Kim Chau tonight gossiping about crappy first impressions LOL.
Sober Nights are fun :) LOL.

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Day 283
October 19, 2012
Studied all day for the General Facts test.
Made brownies with Lauren and got ready for the Pineapple exchanged.
Met up at Peterson and was super stressed out. Took the test and then had to find a way to get to the house. I ended up driving so I had to go back to the suite and get my license. 
Lauren depledged. 
Went to the Pineapple Exchange with a crappy state of mind until I met up with Kevin and he picked me up as my Big Bro :) Talked and got to know him a lot more. Picked up a bunch of Pseudos too! 
It’s gonna be okay now. Hopefully. 

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Day 282

October 18, 2012

Interviewed Angela and Yurha today.

Had a social with Pineapples, they were pretty cool.

Studied until 1 for my math quiz. 

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Day 281
October 17, 2012
Went to Math and came home and decided to quit my job at OVT. The money isn’t worth the stress and time right now. Called in sick and wrote my letter of resignation. 
Finished my Bio podcast. Then started to really get sick… Karma sucks.
Had interviews today with actives. Fun times. 
 Went back to the suite and took a nap for a bit before getting food to eat.
Met with my P-sises to dance and talk about stuff.
Started twerking after everyone left wtf LOL.

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Day 280
October 16, 2012
Woke up with Rahul in my bed wtf LOL.
Felt sick and depressed. Called mama and decided not to go to discussion or work.
Went back to bed and woke up in the afternoon.
Got food from Cafe V by myself :/
Did DOC Reading. 
Went to the Bistro with Lauren and Jessica.
So stressful.
Did math homework with Sunbrye.
Laughed so hard to Luke, Christine, Brittany, and Lauren. It felt so nice to laugh after all that crying :’)

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Day 279
October 15, 2012
Went to Math, took a nap, had DOC. 
Freaked out about what to wear for tonight.
Became a Psister. Overwhelming to the max.